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Güç 4 Ω: 2x1550W

Güç 8 Ω: 2x950W

Bridge Ω: 4000W

Protection: Soft Start,Short Circuit,Limiter,DC Fault,AC Line Fuse,Thermal Cut

Soğutma sistemi: Two steps speed fan

Dimension: 482mm x 460.5mm × 88mm

ST-4000, 2x2000W Power Amplifier

    • High Peak Output Power With Up to 4000W from the ST-4000
    • Adjustable Speaker Protection to Match Your Loadspeaker Power and Impedence
    • Power Levels Matched to the Most Popular Loadspeaker's and Optimized for Maximum Real-World Headroom Intro 4 ohm and 8 ohm Speaker Systems
    • With is The Most Suggested Speaker: 18'' - 2x15''
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